Brian Bangasser

This is my third English Wheel and my last one. The reason for three is not that I wear them out, it’s just like stepping up better and better each time. The first one I hand built 20 years ago (a time when very few people knew what a English Wheel was). The next one (a red one) was purchased from down south and now the third, I have the quality I have been looking for, from MetalAce.

I started out in the Auto Restoration field over 25 years ago and it seems the longer you are in business the more you diversify and grow. Now, not only am I doing rods, classics, and muscle cars, I am also doing work on aircraft parts and motorcycles. So having versatile tools allow you to do the work you might have avoided previously.

As you can tell I am extremely pleased with my wheel from MetalAce. Jim Rettick is a very knowledgable and competent person who talks sense and is always striving to be better. A first class individual.

Brian Bangasser
Mackinaw, IL
Mackinaw Valley Restoration