Bill Rasmussen

Mr. Rettick,

I just wanted to drop you a note in regards to your product. We used your product in a unique way. By using it we were able to eliminate replacing panels on two antique aircrafts we were restoring and in the process paid for your machine many times over. Although I do hope someday to become proficient at making new panels, that is strictly a side benefit. With minimal learning curve we were able to remove dents and dings from what appeared to be unusable pieces and make them for all practical purposes new again. As with all restorations, finding or having new panels made is expensive, time consuming and takes away from the originality of the project. Thanks again for your dedication to a quality product and your support and suggestions at the time of purchase. I simply gave you the requirements and size of panels to be repaired and you suggested the proper machine for our application. Please keep us informed of any new innovations you come up with that could be incorporated into our Wheel.

Bill Rasmussen
Bill Rasmussen Chevrolet Pontiac
Mattoon, IL