28F Imperial English Wheel


Craft a sweeping flareside, motorcycle fender or a small autobody panel. The 28″ version of our cast iron “Imperial Line” of English Wheels is a great choice for medium sized jobs and offers our standard 2″ wide anvil wheels (1.00R, 2.50R, 3.25R, 5.00R, 8.50R, and Flat) and the added flexibility of our optional specialty anvils. Our lower jack features a quick-release yoke for easy part removal and fast anvil changeovers. The anvil can be adjusted on each side to ensure it runs true with the upper wheel. The “stub” style upper wheel allows the operator to roll small panels through the machine by moving the upper wheel by hand to keep fingers clear of the pinch point. In our latest revision each anvil has its own axle and stores safely in one of the included trays, plus there are 3 extra spots for adding our specialty anvils. From choppers to custom cruisers, it's the tool you need to build a primo ride. Finely crafted in the USA for the most discerning metal shaper.

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Product Description



Technical specs

Throat Dimensions: 28″ deep x 18″ high
Steel Capacity: 16 gauge
Aluminum Capacity: .090″ soft
Working Height: 48″
Frame: Cast iron
Weight 560 lbs
Dims: 38″ x 20″ x 60″

Product Features

Unique features


Quick Release Yoke

Remove your material quickly to check its progress and return to the same pressure setting immediately.


Stub Wheel Design

Turn the upper wheel by hand to form small parts without getting your fingers pinched.



Always be able to keep precision alignment between the upper and lower wheels, plus adjust each side of the anvils for complex shaping techniques.